December 1, 2020

Self Motivated equals Context Recognition

The secret to being self motivated is having a context in which you see yourself gaining something you want. Vitality and the energy it contains is born in and flows toward contexts in which value appears to exist and seems attainable. If you are not self motivated, you lack value-oriented context recognition.

You may even have just the opposite: loss-oriented context recognition. Loss-oriented context recognition is most familiar as “seeing the glass half empty” and not having a sense of gratitude or appreciation for the potential of any given moment. Some people remain in states of apathy for this exact problem. They always recognize loss rather than gain.

When recognizing loss becomes a fixed perception, we call it a meta-context. Context Recognition Theory (CRT) teaches us that a meta-context is a context that acts like a template for other contexts. When loss becomes your template… join CRJ for the full text…