January 5, 2021

Context & Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias has been a well known phenomena in the study of perception for many years. The scientific field has struggled to come to terms with its effects in research. There is a recent estimate that 90% percent of what is implied in the titles of articles introducing new research is a misleading representation of the study.

The idea is pretty simple: people look and listen for what they already believe about a topic. Researchers design their studies to prove their hypothesis rather than to test it, the same way people construct arguments to prove their point rather than learn something new from a colleague.

Your eyes and your ears are the instruments you use to test your hypothesis about others and life in general. Could they be looking and listening for selective data just to prove what you already believe???

Context Recognition Theory (CRT) states that all contexts have an Organizing Center (OC) and that all contexts are bias by nature. Without context awareness you are destined to be stuck in a context trap?

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