February 14, 2021

Mars and Venus or just different contexts?

Context Recognition Theory (CRT) situates humans as living in contexts rather than situations and as essentially Contextual Beings. The idea that people don’t actually occupy a physical space is a bit out there to say the least. However, John Gray’s best selling book “Men are from Mars women are from Venus” has a similar message that men and women are not occupying the same space or even the same planet!

It seems obvious that gender is a contextual space, that men and women do actually live in different worlds with different options and possibilities. However, generalizing contextual space is often an exercise in futility because context like situation is location embedded and based on a network of Attention-Points that situate it as being here rather than there.

The complexity of gender identification across cultures and generations is vast. Modeling such networks while an informative exercise at high levels of magnitude, may serve only to confuse as we narrow the context scope and focus on real world problems like communication and a sense of shared humanity. People are not statistics and there is nothing more diverting than trying to fit people to the model rather than the model to the people. Individuals feel invaded and objectified when their unique contexts are ignored for a larger abstract frame of reference.

Context Recognition Theory (CRT) is first and foremost application and location oriented. CRT consultants make sure to define the scope of their work before they bring in material from other locations or in John Gray’s case planets – even when those planets look a lot like the one we are on.