March 2, 2021

Time Management Skill is Context Recognition

Time management and Context Recognition require the same skills. To accomplish both we need to recognize what is important and prioritize where and when we should place our attention.

In fact, it is Context Recognition itself that allows us to extend our attention beyond the present to re-present our past and our future on the timeline. The timeline itself is a context. Once we understand that the timeline is a context rather than a real world representation, we can be sure not to mistake the map for the territory and conflate what we think about our past or future with concrete reality.

The advantage that Context Recognition Theory (CRT) brings to the table is the recognition that the context of the timeline itself is an organizing factor for what appears on the line and what those appearances mean. The Context Gaze is also critical to understand how the value of a timeline is interpreted.

The CRT consultant always considers both the context of the timeline and the context gaze…. join CRJ for the full text…