April 5, 2021

Four Primary Contexts Make Up Your World

Context Recognition Theory (CRT) recognizes four primary context domains that make up your world. They extend from Self to World and from Past to Future. The contexts of Self and World give rise to relationships. The contexts of Past and Future give rise to Retrospectives and Plans.

The context-of-the-Self centers around how you organize your experience and give form to how things occur to you personally. This context structures your sense-of-self and sets the boundaries for what is acceptable for you to feel and what is outside of your ability to support.

The context-of-the-world centers around how you organize your experience with other people. It shapes what you see and what you believe is happening around you. This context is all about the other and what you believe is possible for people and society at large.

The context-of-the-past centers around how you organize your memories and the meaning you create as you review them. It shapes what you imagine has happened to you and what life conclusions you may have come to about yourself and your history.

The context-of-the-future centers around what you imagine is possible for you. What your capabilities are and how the world will respond to you going forward. The context of the future is your most important context domain as it sets the range of possibility you imagine is open or closed to you.

By locating yourself in the 4 context matrix you can begin to see what attention-points are extending and connecting you to others and to your path through the world.